As, shagun & Jagat are very helpful in Nature.They always want to do something for poors and needy one’s. Now  they are not alive but their thought,principle and value are always with us; which would always reflect in our work and planning.Our  group want to work for       needful one’s & to uplift their position/respect in society.we have seen villagers have to work in other cities to earn their livelihood,staying away from family due to unavailability of job in the village/Area/locality. We want to create employment in village. As india reside in village, By doing so, we can stop migration to other Big cities. They can stay with their families happily & prosper in their locality/ Area.

To provide quality, innovative, and find  some un-discovered new method to uplift the  educational system in our country, Which is sufficient to enhance proper development of students. To make parent/Guardian placid & relaxed for the better future of their wards. We are developing a complete set of our educational Hub, School units,smart classes and online educational platform where they can get unique and easy assistance.


AINRUTECH PVT. LTD. (APL) | Touching the heart of common people.
Welcome to APL. Ainrutech is a child venture of shagun & Jagat (S n J) group of companies, Headquartered at patna,Bihar. we have our Regional office at Dumka .
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Ainrutech Pvt Limited
Shiv pahar chowk
Dumka - 814101
Phone (+91) 7759-846-524 / 8651-886-394 / 8651-885-893 / 9102-746-523
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