Modern Gurukul School (MGS) Units

  • Nowadays, what we see in schools?
  • Here, a great question arises; are they learning, visualizing, finding their own method for solving problems.?
    • The answer is No!
    • They are in stress , mental pressure & aimless.
    • Overloaded with heavy bags they carry.
    • Extra H.W/ C.W leads to decrease in their thinking and imaginative ability.

    Here comes a thought that a change is required and it is must for the society.

    We want a proper and all round development of the students in which they should have:

    • ability to think, innovate & research.
    • good communication & writing skills.
    • in-depth knowledge of every subject they study.
    • a thinking to actively participate in Extra Curricular Activities.
    • an intension to explore their talents & not feel shy or hesitate in expressing themselves.

    This is only possible when they will get good, placid and stress free environment.


    It’s concept is  the shadow of older gurukuls which we all have heard and read in stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata with modern techniques and innovative ideas.

    We want that knowledge & learning come to our society along with the values & principles of our country, India (which has a vast culture and tradition running from millenniums.)


    • Stress free environment where the students can learn, think, innovate and enjoy.
    • Interact/ discuss with friends, parents/ guardians and teachers properly and freely.
    • Learn about the values, principles, tradition and culture of our country.
    • Make their own aim/ purpose in life.
    • Visualize and learn through smart classes.


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