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As we know our prevailing educational system,teaching pattern  & orientation is conventional , traditional and outdated. In the current educational system our children/ students are not learning not thinking visualising upto the curriculum level. They are pressurized to read only for marks. They have neither alternative methods for solution of any particular problem nor imaginative thoughts  and skills. The way a teacher expresses the contents, cannot reach the student effectively. Therefore, we take the responsibility of doing it. We have our own group of experts who guide and boost up the student to imagine in a more appropriate way as compared to the current ongoing prevailing system.

Also, we have our own study material designed by  C.D.C (Course Design Committee), APL, which provides the students, all the required informations & in-depth knowledge making them independent to think  beyond the line.
We have smart classes which help the students to relate the concepts with the real life & visualise them better.      .
We are here to change this prevailing flaw in educational system where students can learn the new methods / techniques & can enhance their  basic fundamental concepts.
By introduction of  smart classes :-

  • They can produce their own method of solving a problem.
  • They should take part/ interact in classes not only be receivers .
  • Our purpose is to create a positive, innovative and creative environment in which they can learn, flourish, think and develop their own inner skill/idea placidly.


AINRUTECH PVT. LTD. (APL) | Touching the heart of common people.
Welcome to APL. Ainrutech is a child venture of shagun & Jagat (S n J) group of companies, Headquartered at patna,Bihar. we have our Regional office at Dumka .
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